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doctor duck

misstitania in burnnotice

question about car

Been watching the marathon today and was wondering, can anyone tell me what exactly is the black car Michael drives? What kind and year would be great. Thanks!


it's a Dodge Charger though I'm blanking on the exact year of it.

I have no idea but I just had to comment to say I love your icon =]

wish I knew what the car was though
Dodge Charge, just not sure of yr.
I'd almost bet large sums of money that it's a '69 Charger.

But all of my car crazy family keeps telling me it's a '73 Charger. As does most of the interwebs. So, we'll go with '73.

even if I do still think it looks more like a '69.


get a clue

Google 69 Charger images and tell me what u see ,,,,then find another hobbie cuase your completely lost and are an embarassment !!!

Re: get a clue

says the anonymous poster.

I made a mistake over a year ago.

Big. Fucking. Deal.


Re: get a clue

its not a 69. 69 was the general lee generation with the hide a way lights. im almost posotive its a 73 but i dont think 73 chargers had air grabber hoods like the one on burn notice, but anyone can buy one and put it on. although i do believe 73 was the last year a 440 was in a charger or 71 was


not a 69

at all.


Definitely not a '69.

There's a lot of different ways to tell that it's a '73 and not a '69. One of those ways is the front. Between the two, the 69 Charger has the hidden headlights, while the '73 has pairs of two that are really quite visible. Even the overall body-style is different. Be thankful you don't bet loads of money, that'd be a terrible loss.


they are right

I own a 74' charger with the same body style only through 71'-74' and the 69' has a shorter hood and over all frame
I think it is a 1969 Dodge Charger.
Oh, good. I'm not the only one that thinks so.
I have this crazy "gift" of being able to look at the front quarter panel of a car and spot the make, model, and on a good day, the year.It's like the only useful trait I picked up from my dad. That and I can kick anyone's ass on Jeopardy.

That said, I could be totally wrong.
See, some of my family (and by some I mean 3 people) keep telling me that it looks like somebody took a '69 front end and stuck it on a '72/3 body. And when I look at comparison shots, I have to kinda agree with them. I think the car may be a hybrid.

But when I first saw the car, I too went "That's a '69".


its a 73 dodge charger hardtop with a six pack hood scoop mounted on the hood its a 318 with a 727 trans and a 8.75 rear end


dude your so wrong all you people who think its a 69 need to get corrective lenzes.....its defintly a 73 or 74 charger re (ralley edition)....as for the hood that is a power bulge hood and it is aftermarket
I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your icon! I'm a Dean/Cassie fan.
Blackdoggy1 creates the best icons!
I'll have to check them out! Thanks!
Had to add to the icon love. xD
It's a Dodge Charger and I believe the year they give is 1973.
what everyone said about the car.

cool icon, too.
In the Burn Notice novelization, Michael says it's a 'seventy-four Dodge Charger. Not sure if you can consider that "canon" or whatever, but... *shrug* General consensus here is that it's a seventy-three. I know nothing about cars, so I'll leave that to you guys. xD
I'm not sure on the year, either.. I do know that between Michael Westin & Dean Winchester, my head is about to explode from all the hot guys driving hot cars. *drools*
It's definitely a Dodge Charger, I seriously thought it was a '69 as mentioned by a few others here, but according to the novel it's a '73. Of course, the novel mentioned once it's a '73 and once it's a '74, but I think that was a typo. I'm pretty sure it's a '73.

And... I will have one someday. Exactly like Michael's. :D Cuz it's beautiful.



A 69 Charger is what the General Lee is in The Dukes of Hazard


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it's a 1973 dodge charger. the car goes through several minor changes, the first few episodes the car had the emblem on the rear pillar, it also had trim all the way around the windows and was some times a coupe and some times a hardtop, in the second season it lost the american racing wheels and got some mag 500 wheels and it lost the fiberglass hood and the scoop was more or less glued on and looks like shit and is always a coupe (the rear window dosen't roll down)


Im confused too.

no doubt it is a charger but I have a 68 Pontiac Le Mans convertible and the front end and grill are identical... so I'm also wondering if there are parts from more than one line of auto..
none the less its creative and beautiful..
maybe some GTO Judge parts...
I noticed the rear tail lite assembly is different on some of the shows also..
I too hope none are harmed in the making,,,hah
I always wince when they blow one up and get a little queasy as they don't make em like that anymore.




In 1968, Dodge watched their NASCAR inspired Charger R/T fail to beat the Ford cars (the Ford Torino Talladega and the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II) on the high-banks oval-tracks. The Dodge engineers went back to the wind tunnel and found the tunneled rear window caused lift and the gaping mouth induced drag. Dodge engineers made the rear window flush with the rest of the roof and put a 1968 Coronet Grille up front. The original Charger 500 prototype was a 1968 Charger R/T with a 426 Hemi. The prototype was painted in B5 Blue with a white stripe.

The Charger 500 prototype had a Torqueflite transmission, a white interior and 426 Hemi. The Charger 500 was tested for production, got the greenlight and was one of three models introduced in September 1968. The Charger 500 was standard with the 440 Magnum but the factory literature claims the 426 Hemi was standard. The Charger 500 had the Torqueflite standard and the same equipment standard as the R/T.