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Is it just me?

I wish they'd put a bra on Fiona. I get that Gabrielle Anwar doesn't have much up top, but I'm getting sick of having to look at her 'high beams' every. single. week.

I wish that there had been more development on the "case". It came across (to me) almost as an afterthought, like they wanted to focus the episode on buckets of crazy Kendra, but decided, "Hey! We need some kind of 'case' for Michael and the gang to work!"

I did like the twist that "Mr. Slippery" ended up being "Ms. Slippery", but not much else about it worked for me. Just kinda 'bleh' about this ep. I did like the scene with Kendra beating her head against the table until she started to bleed. That established just how nuts she was, and apparently, I like nutty characters. The nuttier, the better.

Kendra and Jesse's scenes were some of the best of the episode.


I get annoyed with Fiona's non-bra wearing self too.

I personally loved the Jesse-Sam bromance. So funny. I really like Jesse; he's a much needed switch up to the old formula.

I didn't love this episode either, but I didn't hate it because of Jesse/Kendra. And pretty much any time Michael gets that annoyed look on his face because of something Fiona says--yeah, I just love Jeff Donovan so much, he could do that all episode and I'd love it.
Yes! The Jesse-Sam bromance was really nice! Such a nice change of pace. Sometimes I miss the days when Fi and Sam hated one another...talk about fireworks!
Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one! In the last episode, it almost looked like she was wearing a bra that gave her headlights. Srsly. Either that, or she's nursing or has had work done, because they never used to stick out like that before, even when she was sans bra.

We totally thought Kendra was channelling crazy!Faith from Buffy.
Kendra could've been channeling crazy!Faith. I can totally see that.

And I seriously don't know what's up with Fiona's headlights, but it's starting to really bug me.
Tangentially related maybe? But as much as I haven't noticed the headlights, I *have* noticed that her make up is much more natural this season. Last season it was just so wrong. Something about the deep tan and heavy eyeliner, etc. made her look haggard and old. But this season she looks much more healthy and natural. Which is good, since Gabby is a beautiful woman to start with!
The makeup has been better, but I also think Gabby has put on some weight and that's the biggest reason she looks better - not so starved and gaunt looking.

Now, if she'd just start wearing a freakin' bra...
Actually, I find that in my top 10 list of reasons to watch. [;-)}>
It's Florida. I supposed that Gabrielle Anwar feels more comfortable without a bra. Personally, I don't care. It's her body. She can do what she wants with it.

As for the Sam/Jesse moment . . . I loved it.

I agree. It wouldn't hurt her to wear a bra, especially with a white top. *eyeroll* I don't have much up top, but I always wear one.

Except for lingerie when she's with Michael, she never bothers with a bra.
She shouldn't have to wear a bra if she doesn't want to.Those things are hot, sweaty, tight, and uncomfortable, and more power to her if she doesn't feel inclined to deal with that if she doesn't have to.

I find that keeping my eyes on her face makes it harder to notice the lack of a bra, evidenced by the fact that I haven't noticed at all yet.
I like that Fee goes braless and I like that she wears clothing that looks like it should be on little kids or hookers---she's unconventional...who cares if she wears a bra! Fee's my eye candy and I love her inappropriate self.

"Fee" is adorable!

Trust me, it IS just you! Fiona is beautiful, and the glimpse we were given of her aroused nipples -- wow! More, please!!



Gabrelle is one sexy woman, especially for her age.