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Burn Notice

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Welcome to the first LJ community for the hit USA series, Burn Notice! Originally, this group was formed to discuss Touching Evil but we've rolled with the punches and returned in the inception you see before you. We are a community for Burn Notice fans as well as fans of the actors and actresses featured on Burn Notice. Currently, we're enjoying the second half of season two. Join us and join in on the fun!

Read these- they should be common sense but if they were then we wouldn't have to spell them out. If you violate one of these rules you will be called out on it.

(1) Spoilers are okay but please put them behind an lj-cut and clearly mark in your post that there are spoilers therein.

(2) Feel free to discuss the show, the characters, the actors, and actresses. We're pretty laid back here.

(3) Posting graphics and pictures is fine but please consider that not everyone has high speed internet and put image-heavy posts behind lj-cuts. Additionally, if the images contain spoilers for unaired episodes please put a spoiler warning on them and put them behind an lj-cut.

(4) Posting fan fiction is fine, however, if it's a long piece please consider putting it behind an lj-cut.

(5) Posts which have no connection to Burn Notice or anyone involved with Burn Notice MUST be cleared with a moderator BEFORE they are posted. Any posts that are off-topic and have not been cleared for posting by a moderator WILL BE DELETED.

-If you post and then post again just to tell us that you appreciated the discussion in your previous post. Go back and edit your first post or reply to the comments in that first post. You DO NOT need to make a separate post for the sole purpose of thanking the community for its thoughts.
-If something has shown up in the community only one or two posts before the post in question
-When in doubt, check the community tags because more often than not if something has been mentioned before it will be tagged as such.

(7) BANNING- I would suggest you read this part very carefully. All bannings are considered 'permanent' and there will be no debate or negotiation if you are banned.

Banning is reserved for members who refuse to follow the rules on a regular basis or insist on repeatedly causing problems. If you are not capable of at least acting civil toward each other and attempting to follow the rules then you have no place here.

All deleted posts and comments are screen-captured and saved. If you are repeatedly being cited for rule violations or obnoxious behavior, you will be banned and you will be sent links to screen-captures of each of your offenses.

Additionally, IP Logging is turned on. If you decide to troll the community anonymously and we match your IP address to one of a member in this community you will be banned. This is not up for debate. If you have a problem with another member either deal with it maturely among yourselves or let a mod know there is a problem.

(8) If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the moderators. Our E-Mail is BurnNoticeLJ@gmail.com.

Q: What's a Burn Notice?
A: BURN NOTICE (bûrn nō'tĭs) n.

1. An official statement by one intelligence agency to other agencies, domestic or foreign, that an individual or group is unreliable.

MODERATORS: ageofaquarius, sisterelwood

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