Birthdays Come with Explosives

Title: Birthdays Come with Explosives
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Michael/Jesse
Word Count: 1,479
Rating: Teen
Genre: Action, minor Romance & Fluff
Summary: When you’re a burned spy, birthdays can’t ever be simple.
Author's Notes: So, I’ve never tackled a Burn Notice fic before- though I’m a huge fan of Michael/Jesse. Not to mention the desire I have to see a F&F crossover where Michael can run into- and fall in bed with- Brian and/or Carter… Hey, I can’t be the only one. Anyway, I happened to spot on FB that today is Jeffrey Donovan’s (Michael) and Coby Bell’s (Jesse) birthdays today and well, I couldn’t resist doing SOMETHING for the boys.
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Chloe x Lucifer

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Movies {Dark Knight Rises, Sherlock Holmes} [1 - 11]
TV Show {Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Haven, In Plain Sight, One Tree Hill, Reign, Veronica Mars, White Collar}  [12 - 54]

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FIC: Monsters (Burn Notice, PG-13)

Title: Monsters
Fandom: Burn Notice
Characters: Fiona
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 562
Warnings/Spoilers: None, really. But it does talk about a theme that is on the show and plays out over the final season. So, cut for extra safety.
Disclaimer: Fanfic, for fun, not profit.
Notes: Written for a challenge over at tv_universe


Growing up in Ireland, surrounded by the IRA and raised on terrorism and death, you would think that you would be able to know a monster when you met one. But monsters come in so many disguises that you don't always recognize them. And even when you do, you can’t always escape.

You can read the rest at my journal.
Chloe x Lucifer

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Celebs: {Candice Accola, Emile De Ravin, Eva Green, Katie Cassidy, Katie McGrath, Sarah Michelle Gellar,  Teresa Palmer} [1 - 14]
Movies {Casino Royale, Gladiator, Thor} [15 - 27]
TV Shows {Arrow, Burn Notice, Merlin, One Tree Hill, Other TV Shows,  Suits} [28 - 44]

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